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Lineage 2 Revolution is the official sequel to one of the most celebrated MMORPG sagas of all time. Now players can create their own characters by choosing between four different races (elf, dark elf, human and dwarf) and three character classes (warrior, rogue and mystic). Each of the classes also has two distinct specializations.

Gameplay in Lineage 2 Revolution is very similar to what you might find on Windows, although it is now also perfectly adapted to mobile devices. This means that not only do you get precise tactile control at your disposal, but you also get an 'auto-questing' function so your character moves and attacks on its own.

Main campaigns in Lineage 2 Revolution center on traversing one of the biggest persistent worlds on Android. Battle thousands of enemies, interact with hundreds of NPCs, form alliances with other players, engage in PvP clan battles, loot dungeons full of dangers, and much more.

Lineage 2 Revolution is an outstanding MMORPG with spectacular graphics courtesy of Unreal Engine 4. Featuring one of the most incredible PSWs (Persistent State Worlds) today. Could it be that maybe, just maybe the MMORPG genre has found a new ruler? We certainly think so, particularly as far as Android is concerned.
By Raúl Rosso
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The long-awaited Lineage 2 Revolution is now available on Android

A bit more than a decade ago the Lineage saga was already the main exponent of Asian MMORPGs during their period of expansion in the West. After nearly 15 years of existence (and free since 2011) Lineage II remains one of the most-played games in its niche. After all this time and with a couple of failed attempts under its belt, NetMarble has released a direct sequel to that exclusive title for mobile devices. Lineage II Revolution can now be downloaded and played with no geographical restrictions through its APK.
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